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420Fm was originally created April 20th 2006. The main purpose and goal was to educate every one on the truth about Marijuana and all it's goods it has to offer to the world.

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420 Fm is a fun radio station with a nice mix of classics, comedy, and todays music.

We broadcast 24/7 via a shoutcast internet radio stream. 420 Fm is available to play on all OS platforms. We try to stay with a mix genre of things related to real truth related media to help people start knowing what they have been lied to about their whole lives.

There is a big growing problem in the United States and a lot of other places in the world where people are getting arrested for using or possesing Marijuana. If people where more educated and aware on what Marijuana is then maybe it would cause a big change on how people think about its use.

Help be apart of the movement and educate your fellow friends and family about the real benefits about legalizing Marijuana.

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Here is our current playlist.
If you would like to request a song While a live dj is on, then please message us on our Facebook page.

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